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Carlisle Cleaning Tools

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Carlisle 36372500
Flo-Pac Oven And Grill Brush W/ Scraper
Carlisle 4073100
Sparta Roll'N Grip Brush/Broom Rack, 18 in, w/ 1 Hook & 3 Holders
Carlisle 4029000
Sparta Broiler Master Brush, 30 in, 2 Sided
Carlisle 4011300
20-in Hercules Fryer Brush, Teflon Bristles, White
Carlisle 4577200
39-in Pizza BBQ Oven Brush w/ Steel Wire Bristles
Carlisle 4042414
Sparta Boot 'N Shoe Brush, Blue
Carlisle 4050102
Hand Scrub Brush w/ 20-in Plastic Handle & Crimped White Bristles
Carlisle 4071000
Grill Brick, 3.5 x 4 x 8-in
Carlisle 4048001
Sparta Counter Top Brush, 8 in Plastic Handle, Polyester Bristles
Carlisle 4054102
8-in Sparta Spectrum Hand Scrub Brush, White
Carlisle 4054000
Medium Stiff Utility Scrub Brush, 8-in Handle & 1-3/8-in Bristles
Carlisle 4002100
Sparta Hand and Nail Brush Kit
•New improved stiffer center bristles offer a more thorough cleaning
•Works better than soap and water alone for cleaning under fingernails where bacteria, dirt and other contaminants can become trapped
•Kit includes a 5 in. x 2 in. brush
•Cord to secure the brush in place
•Hanging hook and an adhesive backed hand washing instruction decal in English and Spanish
Carlisle 4029100
Pizza Oven Brush, 8-1/2 in, Brass Wire Bristles
Carlisle 4022400
Sparta Handle, 60 in, 3-Piece, Threaded 1in Diameter, Aluminum
Carlisle 4000002
Medium Stiff Valve Brush w/ 3-in Round Head & 12-in Handle, White
Carlisle 4011000
Sparta Fryer Brush, 28 in Handle, 1-3/8 in Teflon
Carlisle 4004102
Tank & Kettle Brush, Flare Head & White Bristles, 5.5 x 7.5-in
Carlisle 4029400
Sparta Double Broiler King Brush, Wood Handle
Carlisle 4004302
Tank & Kettle Brush w/ Flare Head, White Bristles, 5.5 x 9-in
Carlisle 3623200
Cotton Top BBQ Grill Mop, 10-in
Carlisle 4549300
Sparta Utility Scrub Brush, 20 in Handle, Wood Block, Palmyra Bristles
Carlisle 4073500
Sparta Brush/Broom Rack, 17 in, Aluminum
Carlisle 3623603
Black Metal Dust Pan, 12-in Wide
Carlisle 4015200
Sparta Fryer Brush, 23 in, L-Tipped, 7/8 in Nylon Bristles
Carlisle 4067400
Utility Brush w/ Stiff Nylon Bristles, Narrow profile cleans tight kitchen spaces and around ceramic tile. Available in a choice of 1/2' long stiff bristles for normal cleaning or stainless steel bristles for tougher cleaning jobs.

Sparta toothbrush style utility brush; 7" plastic handle with 0.5" nylon bristles; narrow profile cleans tight kitchen spaces and around ceramic tile; great for normal cleaning jobs

Carlisle 4041500
Sparta Bottle Brush, 16-1/2 in Handle, Small Neck, Polyester Bristles
Carlisle 4048004
Counter Brush w/ 8-in White Plastic Handle & Yellow Bristles
Carlisle 4000025
Carafe Brush, 12 in Polyester Brush, Tan
Carlisle 4000202
Medium Stiff Valve Brush w/ 3.5-in Oval Head & 16-in Handle, White
Carlisle 4029300
10-in Pizza Oven Brush Head w/ Aluminum Scraper & Wire Bristles
Carlisle 4042200
10-in Flo-Pac Dual Surfaced Scrub Brush W/End Bristles, No Handle, Yellow
Carlisle 4052900
Sparta Lettuce Cutter Brush, 6 in
Carlisle 4002000
5-in Sparta Hand And Nail Brush
Carlisle 4046900
Gallon Bottle Brush w/ 19-in Handle & Polyester Bristles
Carlisle 4050105
Hand Scrub Brush w/ 20-in Plastic Handle & Crimped Red Bristles
Carlisle 4015000
Sparta Kettle Valve Brush, 26 in, 1-3/8 in Nylon Bristles
Carlisle 4002500
Sparta Coffee Decanter Brush, 16 in
Carlisle 4015300
Coffee Decanter Brush, 10 in, Curved Semi-Circular
Carlisle 4054200
Sparta Hercules Kitchen Brush, 8 in Handle, Stiff Nylon Bristles
Carlisle 4011400
Waffle & Griddle Brush w/ 3-in Width & Teflon Bristles
Carlisle 4046702
Sparta Bottle Brush, 16 in Handle, Quart, Polyester Bristles
Carlisle 4014700
4-in Floor Drain Brush, No Handle, Black
Carlisle 4042401
Boot N Shoe Brush w/ Foam Block & Brown Polypropylene Bristles
Carlisle 4054500
Medium Stiff Kitchen Brush w/ 8-in Handle & Polyester Bristles
Carlisle 4067500
Utility Brush w/ Stainless Steel Bristles. Model 40675 - 7' Plastic Handle w 1/2' Stainless Steel Bristles
Carlisle 3623900
Plastic Block Hand & Nail Brush, 3-1/4-in Handle, White
Carlisle 4050000
Kitchen Brush w/ Medium Stiff Nylon Bristles & 20-in Handle
Carlisle 3655200
Spout Brush, 8-in, White