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Carlisle Miscellaneous

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Carlisle 302003
Rectangular Check Holder Tip Tray - 7-3/4x4-3/8" Black
Carlisle 686303
23.5-in 3-Step Display Riser, Black
Carlisle 38655
12" Ice Cream Shroud - 3-Tub Capacity, Stainless
Carlisle 1089RS03
Room Service Tray, 21-1/2"L x 15-1/2"W, rectangular, cutout handles, deep rimmed edge, stackable, dishwasher safe, ABS-plastic, black
Carlisle 38700IP
Small Freezable Ice Pack - Blue
Carlisle 36374400
Gripper Pick Up Tool
Carlisle SS10702
1-1/4-pt Condiment Container - White
Carlisle HT322003
Hand Trolley - 500-lb Capacity, Polyethylene, Black
Carlisle 1100003
Liquor Pourer Cleaning System - Black
Carlisle 058803
10.5-qt Soup Kettle - Thermostat, Stainless/Poly 120v
Carlisle 1089RS152003
Rectangular Room Service Tray - 20x15-1/2" Black
Carlisle 341010ICE02
10-gal Ice Container - Polyethylene, White
Carlisle SPD300KD07
3-Tier Pastry Display Case - Slant-Front, Unassembled, Acrylic, Clear
Carlisle SPD303KD07
3-Tier Pastry Display Case - Self-Serve, Unassembled, Acrylic, Clear
Carlisle 34RECLBL
Recycle Label Kit - 11-Color Coded Symbol Labels, 3-Sets Word Labels
Carlisle 271023
Floor Rack System - GrayCarlisle 271023 Floor Rack System - Gray
Carlisle SPD30007
3-Tier Pastry Display Case - Slant-Front, Acrylic, Clear
Carlisle 1287502
5-gal Ice Transport Tote - White
Carlisle 38600IP
Large Freezable Ice Pack - Blue
Carlisle CM101703
5-qt Milk Dispenser with Lid - Insulated, Acrylic, Black
Carlisle PT482403
Platform Truck - 1,000-lb Capacity, Metal Handle, Polyethylene, Black
Carlisle SPD30307
Pastry Display Case, Includes 3 Trays, Clear Acrylic
Carlisle TP10007
Toothpick Dispenser - Acrylic, Clear
Carlisle SSD10007
Straw Dispenser - 11x5-5/9x11-11/16" Acrylic, Clear
Carlisle HLA800
Cutting Board - 16x24" Maple