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Comark Thermometer-4

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Comark T220/3
Pocket Thermometer, 1-3/4 in Dial, 5 in, SS, Watertight, 0 to 220 F
Comark ATT19
Oven Probe with Clip, 4 ft, Type J
Comark RF60A
Remote Reading Thermometer, 2 in Dial, Temp. Range -40 - 60 F, NSF
Comark T550A/BOXED
Pocket Thermometer, 1" dial, 5" stem, temperature range 50 to 550 F, stainless steel construction w/plastic watertight lens, recalibration nut, individually boxed, NSF.
Comark ATT55
Liquid Immersion Probe, 6" stem with handle, 17" lead, for DT15 & DT20
Comark DOT2AK
Oven Thermometer; temperature range: 200 F to 550 F, 100 C to 280 C; hangs or stands with easy to read bold numbers; colored zones for quick reference; specify box or card.
Comark FPP
Infrared Thermometer, Built In Probe, -40 to 390 F
Comark DT300NSF
Pocket Thermometer, Digital, Data Hold Button, -58 to 300 F
Comark CD550
Candy Deep Fry Thermometer, 2-1/4 in Dial, 12 in Stem, 50 to 550 F
Comark T1603
Pocket Thermometer, 1-3/4 in Dial, 5 in Stem, -40 to 160 F, SS, NSF
Comark C28KIT
Cooking Thermometer Waterproof Thermocouple, Digital, Hand-Held, Penetration Probe
Comark FG80AK
Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometer, non-toxic spirit filled tube, temperature range -40 to 80 F (-40 to 27 C), hangs or stands, NSF
Comark GT500K
Grill Thermometer; temperature range: 0 F to 500 F; easy to read dial sturdy magnetic feet to hold into place
Comark CF400K
Candy Thermometer; Mercury Glass Thermometer; stainless steel construction; temperature range; 100 F to 400F, 40 C to 200 C; dual range; clip on the back.
Comark (ATT54A)
Heavy Duty Penetration Probe w/ 4-in Tip
Comark (C28/P18)
Type K Waterproof Thermocouple Probe, PK15M Penetration
Comark (C28/P20)
Type K Thermocouple Kit w/ C28, C20WB, AC415, PK19M, SK42M
Comark (C28/P3)
Type K Waterproof Thermocouple Probe, PK24M Probe & AC135 Case
Comark C28/P4
Waterproof Thermocouple Probe, type K, PK15M penetration probe, AC315 case
Comark C28/P5
Waterproof Thermocouple Probe, digital, hand-held, type K, PK19M penetration probe, AC315 soft case
Comark C20WB
Probe Holder and wall bracket with stand, for C22 and C28 thermocouples
Comark C22/P7
Waterproof Thermocouple, digital, hand-held, type T, temperature range -328 to 750 degrees F, accuracy: plus/minus 1 degrees F, includes PT24L/W penetration probe, ST22L/W surface probe, MC28 case, NSF
Comark C22REFKIT
Reference Thermometer Kit: C22, PX22L probe, TX27L test cap, MC28 case
Comark C28/P11
Waterproof Thermocouple thermometer, type K, PK15M penetration probe
Comark C28
Waterproof Thermocouple thermometer, digital, hand-held, type K, temperature range -328 to 1112 degrees F, accuracy: plus/minus 1 degrees F, data hold, clock & countdown timer, accepts all K-type probes w/subminiature connector, Biocote antimicrobial prot
Comark C28/P12
Waterproof Thermocouple thermometer, type K, PK19M penetration probe, PK23M meat probe, PW70T probe wipe, C20WB
Comark C28/P13
Waterproof Thermocouple Probe, type K, PK24M penetration probe.
Comark C28/P14
Waterproof Thermocouple Probe, type K, ATT50, ATT29, SK22M, MC27
Comark PT24LC/US
Penetration Probe, type T, 1/8" diameter, curly lead