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Friedrick Dick Chef's Knife

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Friedrick Dick 8039130
Eurocut Hollow Ground Slicer, 12 in Edge Blade, Plastic Handle
Friedrick Dick 9002517
Eurocut Carving Fork, 6-1/2 in, SS, Plastic Handle
Friedrick Dick 8115126
Superior Pastry Knife, 10 in Blade, Stamped
Friedrick Dick 8444726
Superior Chef's Knife, 10 in Blade, Stamped
Friedrick Dick 8144709
Premier Paring Knife, 3-1/2in, Forged, Black Plastic Handle
Friedrick Dick 7755130
Eurocut Sharpening Steel, 12 in, Regular Cut, Round
Friedrick Dick 8144723
Premier Chef's Knife, 9in, Forged, Black Plastic Handle
Friedrick Dick 8444723
Superior Chef's Knife, 9 in Blade
Friedrick Dick 9008420
Kitchen Shears, 8 in, Stamped
Friedrick Dick 8404008
Superior Paring Knife, 3-1/4in Blade, Stamped
Friedrick Dick 9009200
Rapid Steel Action Knife Sharpening Device
Friedrick Dick 8405010
Superior Paring Knife, 4 in Blade, Stamped
Friedrick Dick 8436815
Superior Boning Knife, 6in Blade
Friedrick Dick 7001107
Pocket Sharpening Steel, 3in, Plastic Handle