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GET Mediterranean Servingware

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GET HI-2007-CL
Pedestal, Polycarbonate, Clear
GET HI-2009-CL
12 in x 12 in Plate, Polycarbonate, Clear
GET HI-2005-CL
6 qt Bowl, 13 in, Polycarbonate, Clear
GET HI-2019-CL
8 oz Bowl, 6in, Polycarbonate, Clear
GET HI-2004-CL
1.5 qt Bowl, 8-1/2 in, Polycarbonate, Clear
GET HI-2012-CL
Dome Cover for HI2009, Square, Clear
GET HI-2002-CL
8-1/4 in Deep Soup/Salad Plate, Clear
GET HI-2010-CL
13 in Plate, Polycarbonate, Clear
GET HI-2003-CL
18 oz Bowl, 6-1/2 in, Polycarbonate, Clear
GET HI-2006-CL
10 qt Bowl, 16 in Polycarbonate, Clear, 3 Pk
GET HI-2001-CL
8 in Plate, Polycarbonate, Clear
GET HI-2008-CL
Pedestal for HI2006, Polycarbonate, Clear
GET HI-2013-CL
Dome Cover for HI2010, Round, Clear
GET HI-2001-JA
8-in Mediterranean Plate, Jade Polycarbonate
GET HI-2019-JA
6-in Mediterranean Bowl w/ 10-oz Capacity, Jade Polycarbonate
GET HI-2031-JA
Oval Cache Platter, 20 x 8-in Wide, Jade Polycarbonate