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Winco Cookware-3

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Winco ALPC20
20-qt Stock Pot Cover, Aluminum
Winco ALRP-1824L
Double Roast Pan w/ Straps & Lugs, 18 x 24 x 4.5-in, Aluminum
Winco ALRP-1826
Bake Roast Pan, 17.75 x 25.75 x 2.25-in, Aluminum
Winco ALRP-1826H
Bake Roast Pan w/ Handle, 17.75 x 25.75 x 3.5-in, Aluminum
Winco ALSP-10
10-qt Fryer/Pasts Pan - Aluminum
Winco ALST-100
100-qt Win-Ware Stock Pot w/ Reinforced Rim, Aluminum
Winco ALST-12
12-qt Stock Pot, Aluminum
Winco ALST-20
20-qt Stock Pot, Aluminum
Winco ALST-80
80-qt Stock Pot, Aluminum
Winco ALXP-1318P
Perforated Aluminum Sheet Pan, 13 x 18-in
Winco ALXP1826P
Perforated Aluminum Sheet Pan, 18 x 26-in
Winco APL-11
11-in Oval Sizzling Platter, Aluminum
Winco ASFP-11NS
11-in Round Stir Fry Pan, Non-Stick, Aluminum
Winco ASHP-26
26-qt Saucepan - Aluminum
Winco ASHP-34
34-qt Saucepan - Aluminum
Winco ASHP-40
40-qt Saucepan - Aluminum
Winco ASP-3
3.75-qt Saucepan - Aluminum
Winco ASP-5
5.5-qt Saucepan - Aluminum
Winco ASP-5C
Cover for 5-qt Sauce Pans, ASP-5, Aluminum
Winco ASSP-08C
Sauce Pot Cover for ASSP-08, Aluminum

Winco ASSP-14C
Sauce Pot Cover for ASSP-14, Aluminum
Winco ASSP-20
20-qt Saucepan - Aluminum
Winco ASSP-20C
Sauce Pot Cover for ASSP-20, Aluminum
Winco ASSP-34C
Sauce Pot Cover for ASSP-34, Aluminum
Winco AXS-16C
Cover for AXS-10/12/16
Winco AXS-20C
Cover for AXS-20/24 & AXAP-14
Winco AXS-32C
Cover for AXS-32 & AXAP-20
Winco AXS-40C
Cover for AXS-40, AXBZ-18, & AXAP-26
Winco AXS-60C
Cover for AXS-60, AXBZ-18, & AXAP-34
Winco AXS-80C
Cover for AXS-60, AXBZ-18, & AXAP-34
Winco SSDB-12
12-qt Master Cook Double Boiler w/ Cover, Stainless
Winco SSDB-8
8-qt Master Cook Double Broiler w/ Cover & Aluminum Core, Stainless
Winco SST-40
40-qt Stock Pot w/ Cover, 18/8 Stainless
Winco SST-60
60-qt Stock Pot w/ Cover - Induction Compatible, 18/8 Stainless
Winco SST-80
80-qt Stock Pot w/ Cover - Induction Compatible, 18/8 Stainless
Winco SSTC-60
Cover for SST-60, Stainless

Winco ASFP-11
11-in Round Stir Fry Pan, Aluminum
Winco ASP-3NS
3.75-qt Saucepan - Aluminum
Winco ASP-7NS
7-qt Saucepan - Aluminum
Winco AXAP-26
26-qt Saucepan - Aluminum

Winco AXS-60
60-qt Stock Pot, Aluminum
Winco AFP-8S
Fry Pan, 8 in Diameter, Aluminum, Satin Finish
Winco AXAP-14
14-qt Saucepan - Aluminum
Winco AFP-7S
Fry Pan, 7 in Diameter, Aluminum, Satin Finish
Winco AXS-12
12-qt Stock Pot, Aluminum
Winco AXAP-34
34-qt Saucepan - Aluminum
Winco AXS-40
40-qt Stock Pot, Aluminum
Winco AFP-12S
Fry Pan, 12 in Diameter, Aluminum, Satin Finish